Check out this Lego Honda Civic Type R

It took more than 320,000 Lego bricks to build this Honda Civic Type R. A team of nine builders spent 1,300 hours putting it together, which is probably longer than we’ve spent building Lego in our entire lives.

Lego Certified Professional – how much do you want that job? – Ryan McNaught led the team that built the Type R. A steel frame forms the base and the Lego was built up in layers over it using standard-issue bricks glued together so that the whole thing didn’t fall apart.

Apparently the most difficult bits to create were the delicate wiper blades and the rear spoiler, which needed a separate support structure. All the lights work and are controlled by an iPad.

McNaught said: “We’ve loved the challenge of this project. The car is shaped with a considerable amount of curved lines, making it a tough but interesting build. From the working lights and indicators to intricate Lego Honda logos, the detail on the model has been a fun one for us to work on.”

Surprisingly, despite being the hollow, the Lego Type R is pretty hefty. It weighs in at around 1,300kg, about the same as a real Civic Type R.

What’s the point? To promote Honda Australia’s sponsorship of the Aussie version of TV show Lego Masters – McNaught is one of the judges on the show which challenges teams of Lego fanatics to fight it out in building challenges.

The Lego Civic Type R will be touring Australia throughout the show’s run.

By Graham King

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