Finbarr Galvin Ltd might not be a name you know of… yet. You will though, because they’re tearing the car sales world up via what has to be the best advert we’ve ever seen. It’s utter insanity from start to finish. General Manager, Johnny O’Connor is clearly the king of hard-hitting, attention-grabbing adverts. WE WANT HIM TO SELL US A CAR. We also hope he’s edited like this in real life. BANG!

Finbarr Galvin… BANG!

Furthermore, the other staff get involved, too. It gives you the impression it’s a fun place to be, not somewhere to be hounded by creepy salespeople with overly big watches. Plus, they’ll pay your deposit, apparently. As adverts go, this is one of the best we’ve seen! Might be best to only watch it if you’re sober though. It will probably be a bit much otherwise.