Focus RS-powered Zenos E10 R revealed

British sports car maker Zenos has unveiled the latest version of its E10 track day car, the Zenos E10 R, powered by the same engine as the Ford Focus RS. All 345bhp of it.

The effect of 345bhp and 350lb/ft of torque in a car weighing 700kg, half the weight of the Focus RS, is profound. Zenos quotes a 0-60mph time of three seconds flat, a whopping 1.5secs faster than the RS. Top speed? 155mph. In a car with no windscreen.

The 2.3-litre EcoBoost motor lives in the middle of the carbonfibre chassis, sending power to the rear wheels. The standard E10 is, by all accounts, one of the more accessible of this type of car; with so much power, the E10 R might well be rather more focussed (ha!).

Standard kit includes a TFT info display and composite seats with four-point harnesses. 15 Drive Edition cars will be built with bespoke paint and decals, adjustable Bilstein dampers, uprated brakes, carbonfibre seats with six-point harnesses and leather upholstery and adonized black detailing.

Prices start at £39,995; Drive Edition cars cost £43,995. By contrast, the less powerful though sharper to drive Caterham 620R costs over 50 grand.

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