THE answer to Global Warming could be…vegetable oil.

As global Governments get set to hit motorists by ditching petrol and diesel models, they are exploding new alternative fuels.

It has been revealed that a new Government scheme is looking at how effective swapping diesel for biofuels, such as vegetable oil, could be.

As part of the scheme, new biofuels will be tested in a bid to slash the dangerous levels of toxic emissions being emitted.

The Government agency said it would be testing the benefits of swapping diesel to “paraffin fuels”.

These include natural gas, treated vegetable oil and wood chops converted to oil.

Recently the Government announced that the sales of new petrol and diesel car should be banned by 2040.

The ban could be lifted on cars that are powered by natural fuels such as vegetable oil.

Biofuels can act as a direct replacement to diesel.

Government tackles car pollution

Government tackles car pollution

Unlike diesel however, they do not emit the dangerous nitrogen oxides or particulate, which can cause respiratory issues and trigger symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

These research plans form a part of the Government’s air quality strategy which aims to drastically reduce air pollution across the country.

Other proposals that have emerged from the plans include a proposal to introduce pollution ‘tunnels’ over the most polluting stretches of motorways.

A Highways England spokesman said: “The best solution to accommodating the extra traffic on our roads, without negatively impacting on air quality, is cleaner low-emission vehicles.

“In the meantime we are investing £100 million to test new ideas including less-polluting fuels and road barriers which can absorb harmful emissions.”

Shell has already developed a paraffinic fuel which claims  reduction in NOx of 37 per cent.

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