G-Power BMW X5M has 690bhp

The blurb for the G-Power-tuned BMW X5M contains possibly the best line I’ve ever read: “The limit for the top speed is raised to a theoretical value that cannot be achieved in practice.”

In other words, this thing is so fast the world isn’t big enough for it to reach it’s v-max. Possibly. More likely the tyres would blow up under the strain of supporting two tonnes at whatever speed the limit has been set at.

So what, exactly, have G-Power done to turn the X5M into such a monster? Not that much, actually, but a few decades of experience means G-Power can do a lot with a little. A new ECU is fitted to the 4.4-litre, twin-turbo V8 engine – or the existing one remapped – and a less restrictive stainless steel exhaust system added.

The result is a towering 690bhp and 667lb/ft of torque, up from 567bhp and 553lb/ft. G-Power doesn’t quote a 0-62mph time, but bare in mind the standard car completes the sprint in 4.2secs.

Apart from that, the G-Power X5M is largely standard. The wheels, though, are G-Power’s latest ultra-lightweight forged items, in sizes up to 23in. Losing a bit of unsprung weight might sharpen up the handling a bit, but we suspect you’d have to be concentrating really hard to notice. There’s only so much a set of new wheels can do to disguise two tonnes.

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