Genesis are back with big hits

Genesis GV80

SAY the word Genesis and immediately you think of the prog rock band, Turn It On Again and Mama – the sort of hits that get Jeremy Clarkson dad dancing in his double denim.

In other words, not very cool.

But Genesis are in the headlines again – on four wheels.

Of course Genesis are Hyundai’s luxury car division and have revealed a new plug-in fuel cell SUV GV80 concept at the New York Motor Show.

Genesis GV80
Genesis GV80

The Korean firm say it “glimpses into the bold future of Genesis’ design and product development”.

Let’s hope so because it looks the business.

While this is pure design concept it may have a realistic future with perhaps Genesis eyeing up a large SUV vehicle to rival the likes of BMW X5.

These days the latest breed of 4x4s have gone more blunt and brash to suit the more in your face American market.

However, the GV80 is altogether more smoother, rounded and perhaps more futuristic as a result.

Genesis GV80
Genesis GV80

There are other bold out of this world looks with twin, horizontal LED headlights and same at the rear and door handles cleverly incorporated into the bodywork for real aerodynamic appeal. There’s also sporty five-star ‘mesh’ alloys.

Genesis GV80
Genesis GV80

Inside, it’s very Starship Enterprise with wide ‘bridge’ dashboard curving round and dominated by a massive 22-inch widescreen display.

Perhaps Captain Kirk would say “it’s a Hyundai Jim, but not as we know it”.

But seriously, Genesis designs so far have been sensational and another sign that the Koreans are getting it so right these days.

Just like the 70s, expect more hits from Genesis.

Hopefully no double denim though.

Phil Lanning

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