Geneva Motor Show: best (and worst) tuner cars

Mansory Mercedes-AMG GT S - Mansory is our guiltiest pleasure. It's cars are so OTT as to almost be self-parodies; you could certainly get away with driving one ironically. Anyway, it's take on the AMG GT S is allegedly a full half-metre wider than standard, for better aero (no) and to accommodate massive wheels (9.5in wide front/10.5in wide rear). The engine has been boosted to 720bhp and top speed to 205mph. And what no Earth is going on with the burgundy detailing?

It’s not just car manufacturers – big and small – who display their latest wares at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s also a showcase for the latest builds by Europe’s high-end tuning companies, coachbuilders and, indeed, the manufacturers’ own skunkworks.

Here we bring you a round-up of the best and worst tuners car on show at Geneva. Our opinion on which camp each one falls into are pretty clear, but let us know your thoughts.

By Only Motors

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