Goodwood to stage mobility scooter record attempt

Goodwood will host an ambitious attempt to break the world record for the furthest distance traveled in 24 hours on a mobility scooter. Disabled motorsport marshal Steve Tarrant aims to ride a TGA Breeze scooter at least 200 miles over Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

Mr Tarrant, who lost his leg in an accident while marshaling 14 years ago, has broken the current 170-mile record previously,  but it was disallowed on a technicality.

The attempt will use a specially laid out course at Goodwood Motor Circuit and raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support. The TGA Breeze S4 GT Mr Tarrant will ride has a top speed of all of 10mph.

 Mr Tarrant said: “It’s fantastic to have such an historic location as Goodwood to make this record attempt. The course I’ll be using is a hard Tarmac surface, which will provide a consistent level of grip throughout the day and night and should put me in good shape to break the record. In theory, 215 miles is the maximum distance possible on a 10mph vehicle, so 200 is quite ambitious. Reliability permitting, however, I’d say I’m in good shape.”

The mobility scooter record attempt starts 6pm on Saturday 17 May. Spectators are welcome.

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