Grand National Maserati is a neigh brainer

MASERATI have done a ‘race’ against a horse in the lead-up to the Grand National.

Cue lots of mentions of horsepower and thoroughbred.

But for all the publicity stunt, the video of the new Levante Diesel proves once thing for real – it’s actually a nice-looking beast. The car that is.

When Maserati first announced they were building an SUV there were more eyebrows raised than at a Roger Moore James Bond convention.

For me, Maserati build the most beautiful cars in the world. The Gran Turismo is unmatched in beauty and the sound of it is just magnificent.

But I never thought Maser would manage to transform elegance into chunky. But they somehow have.

In this car v horse challenge it was a battle of brothers National Hunt Trainer and Maserati ambassador Dan Skelton behind the wheel of the new Maserati Levante Diesel while National Hunt Jockey Harry Skelton took the reins of Point to Pointer Dinnie O.

Following the rules of historical point-to-point racing, Dan and Harry were tasked with travelling between two set points as fast as possible. The nature of the race and the course allowed the Levante to showcase its off-road capabilities and intelligent Q4 All-Wheel-Drive system, having to navigate through rough terrain that was unsuitable for horseback.

With both competitors taking different routes to the finish line, the power and speed of the Levante eventually told, with Dan just overtaking Harry and Dinnie O on the final straight.

Commenting on the challenge, Dan Skelton said: “Understandably the yard is a very busy place at the moment and it was enjoyable to take some time out of the pressures of preparation for Aintree. Racing my brother through the British countryside in the new Maserati Levante was fantastic fun and of course the best man won!”

Harry Skelton said: “We’ve always been ultra-competitive and of course I never like losing to my brother. The challenge was something very different to my usual day job, and I’m hoping Dan will lend me the keys to his Levante soon so I can get behind the wheel for a test drive.”

The Levante Diesel starts from £56,250 and can be upgraded to include either a Luxury or Sport pack at £62,380. The Levante can also be equipped with the Luxury Pack Zegna Edition at £63,310, featuring bespoke Zegna Mulberry Silk.

It’s pure thoroughbred horsepower!

What do you think?

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