Guy Martin: Fastest On Two Wheels?

Guy Martin looking focused, or maybe thinking about tea

Motorcycle supremo, TV star and all round lovely bloke, Guy Martin is set to take on what is arguably his biggest challenge yet. He’s ridden a pushbike behind a truck to set a speed record. He’s completed the world’s biggest ‘wall of death’ to break a record. He’s even been the fastest man in a gravity-powered vehicle to, well, you guess it, win a record. Basically, Guy seems to have a knack for being the best at things.

With this winning outlook in mind, Guy has partnered up with legendary motorbike builder, Triumph. the goal? To become the world’s fastest man on two wheels when he hits the iconic Bonneville Salt Flats later this month.

Guy Martin looking focused, or maybe thinking about tea
Guy Martin looking focused, or maybe thinking about tea

To claim the record, which currently stands at an impressive 376.363mph as set by the brilliantly-named Rocky Robinson in 2010, Guy needs something a bit more powerful than a Triumph Bonneville (yes, fact fans, that’s what the salt flats are named after care of Johnny Allen’s 193mph run on a bike of the same name in 1956). Good job then, that Triumph has built the Infor Rocket Streamliner. It’s a monstrous machine that boasts a Kevlar monocoque construction. Oh, and it houses two Triumph Rocket III engines. Complete with turbochargers, obviously.

Powered by methanol, because super unleaded is for losers, the Infor kicks out 1,000bhp at an ear-shattering 9,000rpm. Clever men in white overcoats from the aerodynamics department have every faith the 2 foot wide, three foot tall, 25.5 foot long body will keep that power heading in one direction, which will probably be comforting news to Guy, who’s going to be strapped to it.

This is the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner - speedy, hopefully!
This is the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner – speedy, hopefully!

Speaking ahead of his speedy jaunt, Guy said: “I can’t wait to take the Triumph Infor Rocket Streamliner onto the salt at Bonneville for the first time this summer. The Triumph engineers have built an amazing machine, giving us the very best chance to beat the two-wheeled land speed record.” He then drank a bucket of tea, probably.

A salt flat. Less exciting when Guy's not zipping over it
A salt flat. Less exciting when Guy’s not zipping over it

The bike is competing in the Division C (streamlined motorcycle) category with the full support of Triumph and its technical team. Guy’s in good hands, as it’s not the British manufacturer’s first rodeo, having held the record a number of times, most notably from 1955 to 1970. They’re in it to win it, and with Guy ‘can do’ Martin at the helm, everything is looking good for a new World Record.

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