Haynes Manuals Will Stop Publishing New Print Workshop Guides

Haynes to stop publishing new print guides

The company will continue to publish its back catalog, but if you want one of its new manuals in print, you’re out of luck.

Haynes Manuals, the workshop manuals producer that makes detailed maintenance manuals on pretty much every relevant car on the planet, confirmed today it will no longer publish any of its new print workshop manuals in print. Manuals published by the company from here on out will only be available in digital form.

The company clarified on Twitter it will continue to print its massive back catalog of existing manuals, so if it already has one on your car, you’re still in luck if you want a physical copy.

Haynes, based in the U.K. and founded in 1960, has been a lifesaver for enthusiasts around the world looking to do the work on their own cars. Instead of dropping a bunch of money on a dealer or repair shop, you could pick up a Haynes manual and have all the info you need to get any job done. It’s personally saved me countless hours and a ton of money on repairs.

Just because Haynes won’t publish any of its new manuals in print, doesn’t mean they’re on the way out the door. “We are currently in the process of creating an exciting and comprehensive new automotive maintenance and repair product that will cover around 95 percent of car makes and models—an increase of around 40 percent over our current Workshop Manual coverage,” a spokesperson for the company told Auto Express. “This will provide consumers with more choice than ever before. More details will be provided in due course.”

Around 200 million Workshop Manuals have been published by Haynes Publishing. Founded by John Haynes more than half a decade ago, the company was sold to French outfit Infopro Digital earlier this year after Haynes’ death in 2019.

news Source: Road and Track

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