Cute Honda has shades of old Mini

Honda EV Urban Concept

FRANKFURT is full of jaw-dropping exotica from Ferrari, Mercedes, Audi, BMW and Lamborghini.

But were they all gazumped by a concept not much bigger than a Matchbox toy car?

Well OK it’s a big bigger than that, but just as cute.

This Honda Urban EV Concept, unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show yesterday, has the retro fun feel of the original Mini, with a nod to the Ford Fiesta XR2. It’s the 21st century equivalent.

Honda EV Urban Concept
Honda EV Urban Concept

It’s shorter than the Honda Jazz but just oozes playful with tiny overhangs, lots of glass and bundles of cute touches.

The doors are rear-hinged like a Rolls-Royce but they certainly won’t production.

However it’s remarkably spacious. There are four seats and Honda claims a ‘lounge feeling’ inside.

As with most of the concept cars these days, the interior looks like walking into the TV section at Currys – just awash with screens.

Honda EV Urban Concept
Honda EV Urban Concept

Of course it’s also electric and will expect to match or the new Nissan Leaf’s range of 200 miles.

For running down to the shops would you want a Ferrari, Merc, Audi, Lambo or this Honda?

I’d definitely love this Honda.

But with a Ferrari in the garage, obviously.

Phil Lanning

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