Horror video makes you belt-up

Co-op crash video horror

IF this doesn’t make you belt-up, nothing will.

A shocking video shows the horrific risk motorists are taking if they decide to drive without a seat belt.

Created in an attempt to warn UK motorists – mainly younger drivers – of the dangers, the footage compares the way three crash test dummies absorb a front-on impact.

While the driver is strapped into his seat, cushioned by the front air bag, both the front and rear passengers are not wearing seat belts, and as a result they are subjected to a brutal collision.

Co-op crash video horror
Co-op crash video horror

Had it not been for the air bag, the front passenger would have been propelled through the windscreen, as the footage shows the dummy being flung significantly further forward than the driver.

But it is the rear passenger that suffers the most damage.

Without a seat belt, and no air bag to keep it secure, the dummy in the rear smashes forward into the back of the driver’s seat, crushing its legs in the impact.

Created by Co-op Insurance, the video hopes to reduce the number of accidents among young drivers, after research revealed just over 40 per cent of young motorists had been involved in a road accident where they were the driver.

Just watching this video surely makes you want to slow down.

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