How to spec a Bentley Mulsanne

Earlier today I opined that it’s pretty much impossible to spec a Bentley: there are simply too many possibilities.

Of course, if you make that kind of assertion you should be willing to put it to the test. So I did, going to Bentley’s on-line configurator and attempting to come up with my ideal Bentley – a perfectly valid journalistic exercise and in no way simply goofing off for half-an-hour…

I went straight to the top of the range and chose the Bentley Mulsanne Speed; 18 feet and 2.7 tons of magnificence, capable of 0-62mph in 4.9 seconds and a top speed of 190mph(!), thanks to a 6.75-litre, twin-turbo V8 engine summoning 530bhp and 811lb/ft of torque.

First, there’s a choice of ‘Specification’ packages. I went for the Premiere Specification (ambient interior lighting; Flying B radiator mascot; ‘jewel’ filler cap; rear-view camera; illuminated vanity mirrors; front and rear ventilated and massaging seats) and the Entertainment Specification (electrically-deployable rear picnic tables; Naim stereo; rear seat screens; wi-fi hotspot).

Next, paint. Perhaps the most difficult choice as it literally sets the tone for the rest of the car. I’ve made a potentially controversial choice, and gone for Damson purple. ‘Dark tint’ 21-inch wheels come as standard and look amazing.

I’ve kept the interior relatively simple, choosing ‘colour split 6’ two-tone upholstery: a light Autumn shade for the upper surfaces with contrasting Redwood everywhere else. Redwood seatbelts and Autumn carpet bindings and piping finish it off.

The ambience is quite dark, so needs veneers to match, hence the dark stained Vavona wood. I added extra bits to the door panels, gear lever, iPod tray and minor gauges panel, as well.

From there, we’re onto the home straight choosing the options. A sunroof, privacy glass and curtains for the rear windows, side-view camera, bottle cooler and TV and DAB radio tuners are all essential.

A pair of umbrellas in the boot, four-piece luggage set trimmed to match the interior and illuminated treadplates are pretty frivolous, but when you’re dropping the thick-end of £300,000 on a car you may as well be indulgent.

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