Jaguar: It’s Art, Apparently

Just like Banksy, according to the seller

Productivity is key, here at Onlymotors. As such, we DO NOT lose hours of our lives by looking at cars on eBay. No way. We just have the skill to find the weird and the wonderful in minutes, not days. Honest. That’s how we found this Jaguar/Not Jaguar/replica/kit car… thing.

While it looks like a a once beautiful XK150, it is in fact an Autotune Aristocat. A replica of the classic beauty. However, unlike Ferrari replicas that have Toyota engines, this one is actually powered by Jaguar mechanicals. This in turn gives it a bit more credibility, until you look at it.

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That’s one hell of a look

According to the seller, the car has been built in the way Banksy, Emin or Hurst would have done it. It’s not modeled off the result of covering a Jag in glue and driving it through a charity shop. We find that hard to believe.

It’s just awash with bric-a-brac. There are more lights than you’d see on Blackpool’s promenade. Stickers? Oh yes, it has plenty of those. Skis, number plates, horseshoes, baskets, chains, metal bars over the windscreen – they’re all here. It’s really something special.

jaguar, replica, kit, xk150, art, car, classic, british, bespoke, weird, one off, project
So. Much. Junk

Obviously individuality is the spice of life. Still, that doesn’t mean we have to get all giddy with what an individual produces. We can look at this one with a quizzical expression slapped on our faces though, that’s for sure. Though we might start hyperventilating if we look at the off-road tyres for too long!

The car was road legal, too! It’s covered just 6 miles since its last MOT (presumably by Stevie Wonder) so should pass another (find Stevie’s MOT station yourself) with relative ease. Though why you’d want to is beyond us.

jaguar, replica, kit, xk150, art, car, classic, british, bespoke, weird, one off, project
Yes, that looks comfortable

We guess it’s a bit of fun. If your idea of fun is somewhat warped from that of the norm. And there’s some comfort to be taken in knowing that this was never a real XK150. Also, it’s probably quick quick given the manual transmission and the 4.3 straight six engine.

It was going to be the centrepiece of a restaurant, but for unknown reasons, it never happened. Probably best, as it might have put people off their garlic bread. Now the owner is looking to part with it, and it seems he’s not going to struggle. This odd beast is currently up to £5,800. It might not be our cup of tea, but the light is on and burning brightly for the masses, so it seems.

It just confuses us, but maybe that was the plan? Maybe if you park it in Bristol people with think Banksy did it (we doubt it). Whatever its fate, there’s no denying that the British motor scene is a little bit more bonkers just for having this. That’s something it can be proud of!

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