Electric cat – the I-PACE Jaguar

Do the staff and designers at Jaguar ever take a day off? Seems not after looking at this, the newest concept from the British company. It goes by the name of I-PACE and it promises to bring Jaguar into the world of Electric Vehicles with some real gusto. We wouldn’t it? Just look at it!

The I-PACE promises supercar looks, sports car performance and SUV space, apparently. Oh, and of course, it’s going to be 100% electric. But it’s not going to be slow, as the 90kWh rapid charging battery should hustle the I-PACE to 60mph in around 4 seconds. But then with a projected 700NM of torque and 400PS, that’s hardly surprising!

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Looks pretty futuristic

Jaguar I-PACE – embracing the future

Ian Callum, Director of Design, said: “The I-PACE Concept represents the next generation of electric vehicle design. It’s a dramatic, future-facing cab-forward design with a beautiful interior – the product of authentic Jaguar DNA, electric technology and contemporary craftsmanship.

“Our virtual reality reveal today has pushed technology boundaries as well, and captures the hi-tech essence of the concept car. We only have one concept car and it is in LA for the reveal. For the first time, VR has allowed us share it across the globe in the most immersive way possible.”

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Not a bad place to be…

Jaguar I-PACE – virtual launch

Yeah, you read that right. Grabbing the future by the scruff of the neck, Jaguar has revealed the I-PACE via the medium of virtual reality. The world-first, live, cross-continent VR reveal experience transports the audience into a virtual world to explore the I-PACE Concept using tech from world-leaders HTC VIVE™ and Dell Precision.

Jaguar fans, guests and customers, including James Corden, Michelle Rodriguez, Miranda Kerr and David Gandy joined the car’s creators in this unique virtual world. And lets face it, they a big movers and shakers within the motoring world. Um…

jaguar i-pace, jaguar, i-pace, ev, electric vehicle, technology, 90kwh, motoring, automotive, onlymotors
Here you go, fact fans

Jaguar I-PACE – from concept to reality

Yes, the VR launch is the big hook here. It’s the first time it’s been done and it shows the power of technology to its fullest. However, don’t let that overshadow the car itself. The I-PACE is a big deal, and should worry Tesla and the Model X. This is going to be a real contender in the EV marketplace.

And in case you’re wondering why we’re talking about a concept vehicle in such a ‘will happen’ manner, it’s because it’s more than a concept. Jaguar has said the I-PACE will be on the road in 2018. It’s aiming to be the most refined and luxurious EV on the market and given Jaguar’s experience in the luxury area, you can bet they’ll get it spot on.

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