Kia Creates Vehicle Maintenance and Safety Video Series

Kia Creates Vehicle Maintenance and Safety Video Series

Leaving your vehicle unused for extended periods of time can lead to a number of unexpected issues and in these challenging times of government enforcements to rightfully keep people indoors, these are more likely to happen. To ensure customers continue to have a dependable vehicle when they need it, Kia Motors (UK) Ltd. have created a series of four short animation videos giving guidance on what safety and maintenance procedures to follow with their car on a regular basis during this time.

Episode one features information on brakes and what to expect when they have been inactive for a several days. Episode two gives clarity on how to maintain optimum car battery health, whilst the third instalment of the series focuses on exterior safety checks including lights and tyre pressures. Finally episode four explains what to do ‘under the bonnet’ in regards to ensuring essential fluid levels are checked and maintained.

This series will be released in a staggered approach over the following days, with episode one and two already available on the Kia media site – The series will be publicised on Kia UK and Kia UK PR’s social media channels, and hosted on the Kia UK customer website.

XCeed - ‘First Edition’ 1.4 TGDi 7-DCT
XCeed – ‘First Edition’ 1.4 TGDi 7-DCT

Previously announcement guidance and support surrounding Kia Care service plans, warranty claims, servicing, MOTs, Kia Roadside Assistance and our customer Q&A can be found here:

Kia vehicle maintenance and safety video – Battery

Kia vehicle maintenance and safety video – Brakes

Kia UK website:
Kia Customer Services:

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