Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg has made no secret of its intentions to make an attempt on the outright production car lap record at the Nurburgring Norschleife with its insane One:1 megacar.

That ambition was thwarted last year when speed restrictions were imposed at the ‘Ring after a racing crash that left a spectator dead. Now the restrictions have been lifted, Koenigsegg is free to shoot for glory.

This video shows a One:1 – a car with 1340bhp to match its 1340kg weight – lapping the ‘Ring, seemingly not flat-out but still pretty damn quickly. It sounds bleedin’ awesome, too. Not to mention quite incredibly loud.

It isn’t clear if this is footage of a Koenigsegg factory driver getting some practice in, or an owner out for a bit of fun. Either way, it’s great footage and has us very excited about the prospect of the One:1 setting a sub-seven-minute lap.

Turn your speakers up loud and enjoy.

By Only Motors