Land Rover Defender pedal car revealed

Land Rover Defender pedal car

Yes you read it right, Land Rover have revealed the Land Rover Defender pedal car which is set to make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

This is in fact the Land Rover pedal car concept, a preview of the full production pedal car model that is set to go on sale in Spring 2016.

The current Defender is nearing the end of its 67 year production run and the Land Rover Defender pedal car is an impressive tribute to one of the most iconic vehicles of all time.

The Defender pedal car is hand built in the UK and styled to commemorate the legacy of the first-ever pre-production Land Rover and the impressive creation of the concept doesn’t stop there.

Land Rover have constructed the Defender pedal car using a rolled-edge aluminium frame complete with individual chassis number and personalised numberplate. If authenticity is what you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed as it is hand finished in the same Loire Blue found on the full-scale Defender colour palette.

Incredibly the Land Rover Defender pedal car is constructed precisely to scale to incorporate all of the Defender’s distinctive characteristics with the protective plate, running bars and off-road tyres with mud flaps completing the authentic look of a full scale Land Rover Defender.

Disappointingly the official press release states that:

“The drive assembly is constructed to enable the young driver to pedal both forwards and backwards while a spring suspension and working brakes – complete with parking brake – will allow the little one to go on many big adventures.”

While those particular features are great, it’s disappointing to hear that maybe the Defender pedal car isn’t built for adults as I rather fancied having a go in one myself, especially as it features an authentically styled dashboard, working horn and rear stowage section with cover. It is pretty much the real deal.

The seats and steering wheel are finished and trimmed in leather to complete the authenticity of the Defender pedal car.

The final production version of the Land Rover pedal car concept is expected to cost around £10,000 and is due to go on sale mid-2016.

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