Lexus creates the worlds first heartbeat car

Lexus heart beat car Launch, Carriage Works, Redfern. 16th July 2015. Picture by DAMIAN

The guys at Lexus love to be innovative, take the Lexus hoverboard for example. Now they have created a car with a heartbeat.

Yes you read that right, Lexus made a hoverboard. It doesn’t stop there either as they have now created the world’s first vehicle that directly translates the driver’s heart patterns into a rather striking display on the exterior of the car.

A number of technologies have been integrated into the car to monitor the driver’s heartbeat and the data from that is then used to send an electric charge through the bodywork. The bodywork itself is finished in an electro-luminescent paint which reacts to the charge with an intense glow, pulsing in the same rhythm as the driver’s heart rate. Clever.

This one-off RC-F is a collaboration between Lexus Australia and a creative agency called M&C Saatchi so sadly it doesn’t seem like this will make the RC-F options list.

Sean Hanley, Lexus Australia Chief Executive, said: “This latest concept follows other innovative projects we have developed this year, including smart outdoor advertising billboards that respond to the car you’re driving and the fantastic new Lexus Hoverboard.

I wonder what Lexus have got for us next?

Check out the full video below and let us know what you think.

By James Fothergill

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