Lexus LF-FC concept previews next LS limo

We know from recent history that when Lexus shows off a new concept car, a production model is only 18 months or so away. And so it goes with the Lexus LF-FC, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Lexus says it “offers a peek into the design and technology direction of the brand’s future flagship sedan.” In other words, the fundamentals of the design and technology will be translated across to the next-generation LS limo.

The long nose is dominated by an oversized ‘spindle’ grille, filled with a new type of mesh. The cabin is pushed far to the back, while the rear has lights similar to those of Toyota Mirai. It’s the most elegant interpretation we’ve yet seen of Lexus’s current design themes, but will still be a bit too Manga for some.

As the brand’s technology leader, Lexus might be inclined put some of the concept’s more radical features – like the lights and 21in aluminium/CFRP wheels – into production. It’s likely the LF-FC’s fuel cell powertrain will become a reality in some form too, as parent company Toyota switches its AFV focus to hydrogen power.

The fuel tanks sit in a ‘T’ formation towards the rear of the car, optimising weight distribution, with the control unit at the front. The fuel cell powers the rear wheels, while a pair of in-wheel motors live at the front which, says Lexus, gives “exception dynamic handling and superior road stability.” Autonomous driving tech also features.

The interior is a model of simplicity, with a pared-back material and colour palette. We count no less than 15 TFT touchscreens – there are no buttons to be found. Many functions are gesture controlled. The seats looks fantastic, too. Again, elements of the design and technology are likely to appear on the next LS.

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