Motorsport is dangerous, right? We’ve all seen the signs at race tracks and, when things do go wrong, we soak up the sign’s validity. Cars going fast, scrapping for space on the track – it’s a given things are going to go wrong. However, motorsport mishaps aren’t a linear phenomenon. There’s a significant element of randomness, too. As this chap in his BMW doorless M3 on the Nurburgring goes to prove.

It’s bad news when things happen at high speed. But a door being ripped from the car? That’s a new one for us. ¬†Apparently it’s new for the driver, too. His back-and-forth glances suggest he was more than a little dumbfounded by his car’s desire to be even more lightweight! What would you do in that situation? Panic, carry on, or like this guy, just look utterly baffled?

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