Meet the 790bhp MTM S8 Talladega S

VW Group tuning specialists MTM brought something rather special to the Geneva Motor Show, the Audi S8-based Tallageda S.

We like the Audi S8, in large because it’s so stealthy. It’s not a wallflower exactly. With 513bhp from a gloriously mellifluous twin-turbo V8, it is extremely fast. But it’s so discreet that most people wouldn’t recognise it as anything other than another run of the mill big saloon.

The MTM S8 Talladega S isn’t discreet. Not even slightly. It’s painted bright blue, for a start. But even in a more subtle colour, the wide wheelarches, ground-hugging stance, gaping intakes, rear diffuser, big spoiler and even bigger wheels would give the game away.

Then there’s the power, boosted to a slightly staggering 791bhp. 791bhp! And 697lb/ft of torque. With that, the Tallageda S gets from 0-62mph in just 3.1 seconds, 0-186mph in 29 seconds and tops out at 217mph.

The running gear and suspension has been beefed up to match. Well, we say beefed up; we really mean weapons grade.

You can buy the Tallageda S bits individually or as a complete package. We’re not sure how much it costs, but the (slightly) less powerful Talladega will set you back around £56,000 on top of the £80,000 a new S8 costs. All told, the Talladega S will probably add up to about £150,000.

That may sound like a lot, but it’s an awful lot less than rather slower Mercedes S65 AMG. And yet, we’re still conflicted about it.

You see, much as we like the discreetness of the S8, we rather like the shoutiness of the Talladega S. Every shred of reason says it shouldn’t work, but it does.

We’ll take ours in gunmetal grey, thanks.

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