Meet the latest batch of bespoke Rolls-Royce

Barely a week seems to go by without Rolls-Royce parading the latest creation from its Bespoke department. This is the latest batch to emerge from the Goodwood factory.

The black Phantom is known as ‘Zahra’ and takes a traditional approach to oppulence, but gives it a modern twist. I’m not sure a car as vast as an EWB Phantom can ever be called understated, but the black and silver colour combo won’t draw too much attention, harking back to a less ostentatious time. It could look old-fashioned, but the gunmetal wheels bring the look right up to date. Inside, an exquisitely embroidered thistle motif is liberally dotted around (maybe the owner is Scottish?) and there’s a bespoke clock.

At the other end of the scale entirely, we have the bright green Wraith, commissioned by mattress magnate Michael Fux. With its Jade Pearl hue, it’s safe to say Mr Fux will never lose the thing in a car park. The interior is just as sudden, with Aequus Green leather. In fact, everything that isn’t plastic or metal is Aequus Green. Probably feels like sitting inside a mint choc chip ice cream.

Somewhere in the middle is the Phantom Nautica, with a traditional Orchid White lower body and more modern Arabian Blue upper body. As the name suggests, a nautical theme is carried through the car with an anchor motif painted into the pinstripe, embroidered on the seats and inlaid in the veneer. Compared to the outside, the Forest Fall leather and dark blue carpet are quite muted, but it’s a nice contrast to the unmistakable exterior. A bespoke compass finishes it off.

None of these cars will have left much – if any – change from half a million pounds. No doubt some of you will be thinking they just confirm that there are too many people with more money than they know what to do with. I prefer to view them as an advertisement to the world that the UK has the best craftsmen in the world. Even if some of them aren’t entirely to my taste…

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