Meet the Startech Range Rover pick-up truck

You wait for one bonkers pick-up truck and two turn up in a week. A couple of days ago we saw the insane Shelby Baja 700 and now there’s this, the Startech Range Rover pick-up truck.

Startech, a subsidiary of Brabus, hasn’t simply chopped the rear roof section off the Range Rover. The company claims that 100 new pieces of bodywork had to be designed and manufactured from aluminium, steel and carbonfibre. It hasn’t lost any torsional rigidity, either.

The plastic-lined load bed is about the same size the standard boot, holding a load 1,100mm long – dropped the tailgate adds another 600mm.

As for the rest of beast, it features Startech’s established wide-arched, deep-bumpered bodykit and you can have the interior decked out to whatever spec you want. The entire Range Rover engine line-up is available, including the supercharged V8. That raises the curious possibility that, with a limited top speed of 155mph, this could be the fastest pick-up truck ever.

By now you’re probably wondering what on Earth the point of this thing is. Well, it can be registered as a commercial vehicle which means, in most markets, it gets significant tax breaks including the often crippling import duty. Presumably the benefits are particularly favourable in China, since Startech has chosen to unveil its creation at the Shanghai International Automobile Show.

Price? The bodykit alone costs over £25,000. Add in the cost of the conversion, wheels, interior and the base car, you probably wouldn’t get much change from a third of a million.

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