Mercedes GLC Coupe unveiled

What’s a Mercedes GLC Coupe then?

“The sports car among Mercedes-Benz’s mid-size SUVs,” according to Mercedes itself. Or, to put it in context, it’s Merc’s answer to the BMW X4 and little brother to the X6-rivaling GLE Coupe.

What do I need to know?

The GLC Coupe is much the same as its estate-bodied sibling, and therefore closely related to the C-Class saloon. Though it’s actually longer than both.

Engine choice ranges from the 170bhp GLC220d up to the AMG-badged GLC43, complete with a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 serving up 367bhp and a 0-62mph time of less than five seconds. In between are sundry other diesel and petrol options, plus the GLC350e plug-in hybrid which turns out a total of 320bhp with an electric range of 18 miles.

Every engine comes with 4MATIC four-wheel-drive and a nine-speed automatic gearbox, except the hybrid which makes do with seven speeds.

Steel suspension with adaptive dampers switchable between five modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport, Sport+ and Individual) comes as standard, with air suspension available as an option. The steering has been sharpened up, which Mercedes says has sportified the handling.

The interior is typical Mercedes, with a sweeping centre console topped by a trio of air vents and the controversial free-standing infotainment touchscreen. Just about every gadget Mercedes has is available as standard or optionally, including advanced connectivity and so many driver assistance systems that it can practically drive itself.

Anything else?

We’ve avoided taking about the styling so far. With it’s diamond pattern grille, steeply raked windscreen and fastback roofline that sweeps down to an S-Class Coupe-like rear, it’s certainly distinctive. But perhaps it’s too distinctive for some. At least it’s reasonably practical, with 1,205 litre of bootspace with the rear seats folded down.

When can I buy one?

No official word yet, but the GLC Coupe is likely to reach showrooms later this year.

How much will it cost?

Again, nothing official yet. The standard GLC range starts at £35,000; expect to pay a smallish premium for the Coupe.

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