If the huge Maybach S-Class just isn’t quite big enough, worry not. Mercedes has come up with something even bigger, the Maybach Pullman.

At 6.5 meters long, it’s getting on for 1.5m longer than a standard-size S-Class. 4.4m of the length is in the wheelbase, or, to put it another way, there’s comfortably enough room for a B-Class MPV between the axles. It’s a full 10cm taller than the regular S as well, so there’s enough headroom for a natty hat.

The Mercedes-Maybach Pullman is, of course, all about the interior. Or more specifically, the back seats – the press release makes no mention of the driver’s compartment at all. Four passengers sit face-to-face in what Mercedes describes as a ‘club lounge’.

The “VIP occupants” – oligarchs/celebrities/politicians – sit on forward-facing ‘executive seats’ that do all sorts of clever reclining and massaging. Minions/kids sit on a pair rear-facing fold-down pews that are probably more comfortable than most other car seats themselves.

A glass partition to the front and curtains in the windows provide privacy, so the outside world can’t see you what you’re watching on the 18.5-inch screen. Or spy on the hostile takeover you’re planning.

The engine, not that it’ll matter to the passengers sat far behind it, is the same 552bhp, 612lb/ft, twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 found in the Maybach S600. Performance figures would be crass, but it’ll have to be sprightly enough to get out of trouble in a hurry.

Mercedes quotes a starting price of half a million euros – about £370,000 at the time of writing. Interestingly, Merc qualifies that as the entry-point for unamoured versions. Presumably if you have to ask the price of a bullet/grenade/RPG/landmine-proof one, you can’t afford it. And Merc probably won’t ask what you do for a living in return.

The name Pullman derives from luxurious, open-plan railway carriages built by the American Pullman Palace Car Company. Mercedes has used it on many of its limos, most famously the 600 Pullman, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

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