If you have never heard of Mitsuoka, you’re not alone.

The Japanese manufacturer has been around since 1968 when it was founded by Susumu Mitsuoka but they have catered their hand-crafted vehicles exclusively to Japanese customers only. That is, until now because the Mitsuoka Roadster is now available in the UK courtesy of exclusive distribution by multiple T W White & Sons showrooms across Surrey, London and Kent.

Before you rush down to your nearest dealership, allow us to give you more information on the Mitsuoka Roadster. It has a 2.0L Mazda MZR four-cylinder that puts a punchy 157 hp and 138 lb-ft of torque through either a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic. There are no specific performance figures just yet but of the figures we do know there is one that is as impressive as the beautifully hand-crafted body as the Mitsuoka Roadster has the fastest power-retractable hard top in the world; opening and closing in just 12 seconds.

In true classic sports car fashion the Roadster is front-engined, rear-wheel drive with an “admirable power-to-weight” ratio but this isn’t your ordinary classic car. It’s a culmination of timeless styling combined with modern technology and comfort. Luxury features as standard on the car include heated leather seats and automatic climate control alongside a host of safety features such as ABS, Traction Control, Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Brake Force Distribution and front and side airbags.

The Mitsuoka Roadster is on sale for £53,800 (manual and automatic).

For more information take a look at www.mitsuoka-motor.co.uk


By James Fothergill


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