Video: Monster Jam hits UK!

Grave Digger, preparing for carnage

Way before Monster Jam, Back in the early ’80s, an American man call Bob Chandler drove his Ford F series pickup over a couple of cars. Monster trucking was born, and the masses were in awe. Soon, these hopped-up trucks were crushing cars in front of thousands. Then they raced. Then they became more powerful. And then, they really started to compete. Petrol? No sir, we’ll have alcohol-fueled engines, thanks. BHP in the thousands? Why the hell not. A willingness to go harder, higher and faster than the next man? You bet’cha.

Today, monster trucks stand as the crowd-wowing, physics-defying, eardrum-bursting branch of global motorsport, and we love it! But what’s not to love about a 5-ton truck jumping through – not over – a motor home, or a boat, or another monster truck? Nothing, that’s what!

Grave Digger, monster jam, monster truck, v8
That’s really too big to fly, isn’t it?

Sadly for us Brits, witnessing this high-flying destruction-fest in the metal has been hard. Monster Jam, the championship that encompasses all things V8 and big-wheeled, is predominantly a USA kind of thing. Or at least, it was. They know we love a bit of car crushing action. As such, recent years have seen the Americans ignore the 15kg baggage limit and bring a few trucks over to Cardiff so we get get properly involved. And GOOD NEWS! It’s happening again next month.

Yep, we’ll be able to see legends like Dennis Anderson and his iconic Grave Digger truck flying high in the Cardiff sky, all in the name of good old fashioned family entertainment. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it.

monster jam, trucks, monster truck, monster jam, motorsport, v8
We would have given at least £500 for those vans!

So what can you expect? Well, there will be a chance to get up close to the trucks before they race, the drivers too. The event itself will feature racing, stunts and of course, the holy freestyle sessions. Competitions are won or lost in freestyle, a timed event where the trucks and drivers go utterly bonkers. How bonkers? Well, the unwritten rule is that if you can your monster out after a freestyle session, you didn’t try hard enough. Oh, and back flips. Those too. Yes, these noisy behemoths can do ACTUAL BACK FLIPS!

This is an event not to be missed, so make sure you get tickets. Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t be making Tall Tim drive one.

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