The Morgan Motor Company has been building sports cars since 1910 at its factory in the Malvern Hills of Worcestershire. Morgan started out building small two- and four-seater three-wheelers and gradually moved over to four-wheeled sports cars in the 1930’s.

Morgan currently builds its largest and most diverse line-up of cars ever, from the revived 3-Wheeler, to the traditional 4/4 roadster that’s been on sale in one form or another since 1936, to the 170mph Aero Coupe.

Some things haven’t changed at Morgan over the years, but only because they work well. People accuse it of being old fashioned, but Morgan is a modern, forward-thinking company as focused on technology and innovation as any other car maker.

Only Motors took a tour of the Morgan factory to find out how modern technology mixes with traditional materials and craftsmanship to produce thoroughly British cars.


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