Mugen turns Honda Civic Type R up to 11

Thought the bewinged, bearched and besplittered Honda Civic Type R looked bonkers? Well, the standard car you can buy from your friendly local Honda dealer has absolutely nothing on tuner Mugen’s batcrap crazy interpretation.

Despite the countless hours Honda spent honing the Civic Type R’s aero addenda, Mugen has thrown pretty much all of it away. As the front is a new bumper with a redesigned grille and bigger intakes; a vast splitter with extra aero devices at the corners and connecting to the front wheelarches; and a new bonnet with extractor vents at the outer edges.

The are adorned with running board-size skirts, while at the back is a new bumper, diffuser and fixed rear wing. Gunmetal grey, 11-spoke wheels finish it off. The Civic Type R already looked like a touring car racer; Mugen’s version turns the effect up to 11.

Though ostensibly a concept, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this ‘kit available off-the-shelf in fairly short order. Getting hold of it in the UK might be tricky, even via Mugen’s European distributor, but we reckon it would be worth the hassle.

The Mugen Civic will be on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon alongside a number of other bodykitted Honda-based concepts, ranging from the magnificently pointless HR-V crossover and Step WGN Spada people carrier, to an S660 roadster styled like a miniature GTE race car.

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