Power Pony – Modded Mustang!

The newest version of the Ford Mustang has only been in the UK for about three hours, but that hasn’t stopped companies from modifying it. One such firm is Milltek Sport. They’ve stumped up the cash, bought a 5.0 V8 ‘stang and set to it with the spanners. Turns out it was a worthwhile endeavor. The resulting car is a bit of a beast.

Not many companies have the cojones to buy a new car then immediately start chopping it up. We’re glad Milltek do though, because the resulting car is exciting. It’s a glimpse at what can be done with car that we’ve spent a long time waiting for.

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That is one handsome machine

“The Mustang is one of those models that blurs the line between car and icon; it’s more than just a vehicle, it’s a symbol of America and the golden era of that country and its auto industry,” explains Steve Pound, Milltek gaffer, the car’s owner and obvious gear-head. “I’ve always wanted one and the British launch of the Mk6 provided me with the perfect excuse, so here we are.”

He could have gone for the petrol-pump and UK friendly 2.3 EcoBoost version. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s the same engine in the Focus RS after all. However, 2.3 and Mustang don’t seem too harmonious. Mustang and V8, now we’re cooking. Needless to say, that’s where Steve’s money went. He’s fulfilling a dream, so why settle?

mustang, ford, v8, 5.0, cars, motoring, motorsport, automotive, modified, cars, american,
Steering on the correct side. Delightful

It’s been an interesting journey for Milltek. After all, it’s not like they had parts on the shelf and ready to go. So the exhaust, for example, has been trialed and changed umpteen times before being finalised. Oh, it’s a stainless steel cat-back system with X-Pipe quad outlet and GT-90 trims in case you’re wondering. And yes, it sounds GLORIOUS.

The car obviously has a whole host of other mods, too. There’s a Roush Performance air intake. It sits on KW Varient 3 coilovers that hide behind HRE FF15 rims in 20inch flavour. Wrapped in Toyo R888 rubber of course. The car now kicks out 465bhp without issue or drama. It’s raw, visceral, physical power, too. Natural aspiration means no lag, and the exhaust means you can hear the power being made. Proper muscle car stuff.

mustang, ford, v8, 5.0, cars, motoring, motorsport, automotive, modified, cars, american,
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It’s not the most radical Mustang we’ll ever see. It’s not the most powerful. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important. It’s a sign, a demonstration of what can be done. It’s brilliant to see a company exploring the options first hand, not just guessing.

It’s a unique Mustang, and that’s what Mustangs are all about. Make it your own. Get your foot down. Enjoy the road. A stock one is fun, but your own choices will make it better. Just try not to wince every time you fill it up!

(Credit to Chris Wallbank Photography)

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