New 2021 Kia EV6: UK prices and specifications confirmed

UK Prices and specifications confirmed

UK prices and specifications for the new all-electric Kia EV6 crossover have been revealed. The EV6 is the first dedicated electric car built on Kia‘s new E-GMP platform and it boasts up to 316 miles range – plus there will be a sporty EV6 GT in the line-up that offers Porsche Taycan rivalling performance, too.

Potential buyers can reserve an EV6 now, by placing a refundable £100 deposit. Orders open fully in May, with the newcomer priced from £40,895, and Kia is targeting first deliveries by October.

The EV6 line-up is launching with a choice of two batteries, with two and four-wheel drive available. This starts with the standard range 58kWh model, which uses a 168bhp rear-mounted electric motor in entry-level two-wheel drive form.

Kia says that for the AWD variant of the 58kWh car, a total of 232bhp is on offer. With a maximum of 605Nm of torque, it gives a 0-62mph time of 6.2 seconds. However, both of the 58kWh cars aren’t available from launch. 

There’s no official range claim for the 58kWh variants yet either, but stepping up to the 77.4kWh rear-wheel drive model is where that 316-mile headline range figure comes in, and this is where the line-up will begin from when orders open in May. 

The RWD model is powered by a 225bhp motor, while the four-wheel drive car in conjunction with the bigger battery offers a total of 321bhp. Maximum torque for the 77.4kWh AWD car remains at 605Nm, but the extra power sees the 0-62mph time drop to 5.2 seconds.

As with any electric car, range and charging are key, and the Kia EV6 should take just 18 minutes to perform a 10 to 80 per cent recharge thanks to the platform’s 800-volt electronic architecture.

2021 Kia EV6 GT joins the line-up

Kia will offer an even sportier version of its new electric crossover, called the EV6 GT. This takes power up to a total of 577bhp from a dual-motor set-up, offering four-wheel drive as standard. As a result, the 0-62mph time drops to a sports car-rivalling 3.5 seconds, while a top speed of 162mph is targeted. 

Kia claims a range of 251 miles for this sportier variant and says that the new E-GMP platform’s standardisation of components, plus its modular construction, allows rapid and flexible development with varied attributes, such as the possibility of this GT model from launch.

Kia hasn’t outlined any chassis modifications to the GT, but the ability to satisfy demand for a performance model is promising, as Albert Biermann, President and Head of Research and Development for Hyundai, outlines:

“The GT version of EV6 demonstrates our technological leadership through its combination of outstanding high-speed charging and acceleration performance like a super sports car. With our dedicated EV platform, there is no need for compromise between inspiring spaciousness and performance.”

2021 Kia EV6: charging and practicality

Thanks to the E-GMP underpinnings’ 800-volt capability, the EV6 accepts DC rapid charging at up to 220kW.

Alongside the 10 to 80 per cent charge time of 18 minutes, owners will be able to add 62 miles of range in less than four and a half minutes, improving flexibility.

The EV6 can also distribute charge to other vehicles at up to 3.6kW via its Type 2 socket as part of its vehicle-to-load V2L function, or power appliances “on an outdoor adventure,” according to Kia.

The new platform helps practicality too. The car’s wheelbase is 2,900mm long despite the EV6’s relatively compact dimensions, pushing the wheels close to the model’s extremities to maximise space inside. The approach to efficiency continues inside the cabin, as the slim, lightweight seats are trimmed in fabric made from recycled plastics, equivalent to 111 water bottles.

News Source: Auto Express

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