New Civic Type R breaks cover!

New Civic Type R Prototype breaks cover in Paris

We have literally just given a 2016 Civic Type R back to Honda (there’s be a show about it over on Doing so made us rather sad. We loved that car. We loved it’s unabashed silliness. It’s a brilliant, fast, exciting car. Something the world needs more of. And then, while we’re still coping with our loss, Honda drops images of this, the 2017 Type R. Good God above. It looks insane!

We don’t know much about the technical stuff at the moment, as Honda is remaining tight-lipped. However, when you consider the current cars has 305hp, 400Nm and handling to die for, it’s safe to assume this new version will be just as impressive. Though knowing Honda, and considering this is a rival for the RS, power around 350hp isn’t a inconceivable.

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We’re so hot for this car

Civic Type R – keeping the classics

The car visually retains all of the mad and bonkers elements of the current model. Flared arches, massive alloys, red striping, that huge rear wing. They’re all in place. And they all look great. We had reservations about the new Type R, what with the new model being so much bigger. Seems we had no reason to be worried, as this looks to be one very well proportioned machine.

Plus, the new car celebrates a return to fully independent rear suspension. Gone is h-beam, though to be frank, the current setup is pretty damn good. Still, the new suspension should only serve to make the driving experience better.

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It looks so angry

This newest version is also key for the American market. It will be the first time the Type R is made available to drivers in North America. They’ve been patiently waiting for it for a long time, and now that patience is paying off. They’ll be very happy indeed.

Needless to say, we utterly adore this. We love the 2016 version. But this one look even better. It’s silly, it’s daft, it’s just not sensible in any way. And we love it for that. Honda has thrown away the rule book with the Type R. It’s not trying to make a fast hatch that can also be a family car, it’s just making something that’s bonkers because it can. The fact there’s room for the kids is a coincidence.

Anyway, it looks amazing. We want one. In fact, we need to go. We have to call Honda’s press office and get one booked!

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