Electrifying Green Hell lap by NIO EP9


CAN your hear Jeremy Clarkson crying?

Well somewhere he is because the new production car lap record on the legendary Nurburgring racetrack has been broken by an ELECTRIC supercar.

China’s NextEV NIO EP9 (no, that’s not the registration plate, it’s actually its name) roared, very quietly, round the Green Hell in six minutes 45.9 seconds.

That’s six seconds faster than the Lamborghini Huracan Performante that set a time of 6m 52.01s earlier this year.

It’s also faster than the NIO EP9’s own 7m 05.12s lap set last year – the record for an electric car.

Not only that but it looks the dog’s danglies – which is probably a delicacy where it is built in the Far East.

NIO EP9 at the Nurburgring
NIO EP9 at the Nurburgring

Anyhow, it is designed to bring attention and hype to the NIO brand in China who launch their first mass market electric car later this year.

NextEV says that the EP9 is the fastest EV in the world, which the lap record obviously appears to back up that claim.

It will be a hypercar with motorsport right at the heart of its development, given NextEVs involvement in F1’s all-electric spin-off, Formula E.

Although 62mph is achieved in 2.7 seconds making it a tad slower off the line than the Tesla Model S P100D, it will hit a top speed of 194mph.


If you’re interested in the scientific bit, the 777 volt powertrain develops one Megawatt of power – the equivalent of 1,341bhp – and delivers 1480Nm of torque. It all means the EP9 can do a standing quarter mile in 10.1 seconds, crossing the line at 155mph.

So China have now cracked the Green Hell, electric and supercars.

Now they just need to work out how to produce decent model names and not sound like robots from Star Wars.

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