Not for sale here: 2016 Chrysler Pacifica

What’s a Chrysler Pacifica then?

The American giant’s all-new minivan – people carrier to the rest of the world – which replaces the aged Town & Country.

What do I need to know?

First, we’ll give you a second to get over the shock that people are apparently still buying minivans, despite the exponentially growing sales of crossovers. Indeed, Chrysler saw fit to develop a bespoke platform for the Pacifica.

Class-leading ride, better handling and improved noise, vibration and harshness levels are promised of the new car. Which isn’t exactly hard, as the old car was pretty horrible to drive.

The Pacifica is also shorter than the Town & Country, but slighter wider and taller. By European standards it’s massive, standing 17 feet long. Plenty of room inside, then, for six or seven people.

Power comes from a 287bhp V6 petrol engine, or a 248bhp version of the same motor hooked up to a hybrid system. Chrysler claims the latter is capable of up to 80mpg (US) making it the most economical car in its class. Which is an easy thing to be when you’re the only hybrid in that class.

Both powertrains drive the front wheels through an automatic gearbox.

Design inside and out has taken a giant leap forward. As you’d expect of this kind of car, there’s myriad storage cubbies and cupholders but, for some reason, Chrysler seems to have done away with its ingenious ‘Stow and Go’ system for folding the third row seats into the boot floor.

Chrysler hasn’t released specs yet, but equipment levels should be generous. The car pictured here appears to be loaded to the gunnels, including Chrysler’s lastest infotainment system.

Anything else?

The Pacifica moniker is already causing confusion and consternation. Town & Country is a long-standing name in the Chrysler range and carries a lot of affection towards it. Pacifica was previously used in the early 2000s on an immense crossover that was absolutely terrible and flopped completely.

When can I buy one?

You can’t. Chrysler pulled out of the UK market a couple of years ago amid cratering sales. We can, however, pretty much guarantee that if you rent a minivan for you’re American holiday, you’ll be handed the keys to one.

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By Graham King

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