Not for sale here: Toyota Prius RelaxCabin

Though we all think of it as the archetypal hybrid-powered car, at a fundamental level the Toyota Prius is just a reasonably spacious, notably economical family car. Most I see these days seem to be taxis.

But it probably never crossed your mind that it would make a good basis for a camper van. But someone at Japanese camper builder Car-Taka made the leap as this is the result: the Toyota Prius RelaxCabin.

Essentially, it’s a Prius with the tailgate removed and massive box plonked on the back. It’s not completely uncharted territory. In the gallery below you can see the long-running Toppola Saab conversion, kit car maker Ginetta’s approach on a Ford Zephyr and the bizarre Astra-based Camp Car.

Since I don’t read Japanese, I can’t tell all that much about the RelaxCabin. It sleeps four in two double beds, one in the roof space and on the floor, once the back seats have been folded down.

It seems to come in two trim levels. The base model seems quite plain and sparsely equipped, while the top model looks almost luxurious with a extra windows, a fridge, TV and folding table.

Quite what the box, sleek as it is, does for the fuel, I don’t know. I’m guessing the extra weight so far out at the back doesn’t do much for the handling either – you can see how much higher the nose is in the pictures.

Apparently, the RelaxCabin will set you back 2.4 million yen (£13,000-ish) on top of the cost of a Prius. It’s only available in Japan, but if you absolutely had to have one I’m sure you’ll find a way to import one.

More information (if you can read Japanese) here

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