Pagani win most stunning car ever

Pagani Huaryra Pacchetto Tempesta

OK all car designers, it’s game over. Pagani have won.

So pack up your pencils, clay modelling and laptops – the game’s a bogey.

Just look at this.

In fact, try not to look at this Pagani Huayra special edition.

This is the Pacchetto Tempesta, or in much duller English – Storm Package.

In Italian it sounds like an exotic dessert. In our lingo it’s Linford Christie’s running shorts.

Anyway, the car.

It’s not even a car, it’s a work of art, the love of your life.

Pagani Huaryra Pacchetto Tempesta
Pagani Huaryra Pacchetto Tempesta

It costs just £126,000 to have this ‘optional extra’ on the Huayra.

For that you get enough techno wizardry to leave even Stephen Hawking baffled.

We won’t blind you with all the science but it was iconic chassis developers Dallara partnered Pagani on the body to make it even more slippery.

Under the skin is a monstrous 6.0-litre, twin-turbo V12 sourced of course, from Mercedes-AMG, tuned here to produce 720bhp.

Pagani Huaryra Pacchetto Tempesta
Pagani Huaryra Pacchetto Tempesta

Even the leatherwork throughout the Huayra is something else entirely, from the door to the seats.

The fitted luggage, in the same leather as the interior, is even a $20,000 option. You can buy a Ford Fiesta for that.

Oh and lastly, the £126k only gets you the special edition upgrade. The entire car is expected by RM Sotheby’s to fetch £2.1million in next week’s Monterey sale.

Hope I win the Lottery. It’ll look great in the local Lidl car park.

What do you think?

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