Peugeot Quartz crossover concept at Paris Show

Peugeot will unveil its latest hybrid-powered concept car, the Quartz, at the Paris Motor Show next month.

Based on the same EMP2 platform as the 308 hatchback, the Quartz is a fairly prosaic family-size crossover, made sleek by a coupe-esque roofline. Cartoonish 23-inch wheels are enveloped by muscle-bound wheelarches.

The structure is so strong that the designers were able to do away with the B-pillar and fit scissor doors. The wheel spokes are covered with composite flaps that aid the aerodynamics and keep the brakes cool.

Power comes from a 1.6-litre, turbocharged THP 270 petrol engine and a 114bhp electric motor on each axle, giving a total of 493bhp. The rear axle motor provides propulsion, while the unit at the front fills in the engine’s gaps during gearchanges. Both recharge the 400V battery.

The Quartz can run on electric power alone, with a range of 31 miles between plug-in charges; in Road mode with the engine and front electric motor providing power; or in Race mode, with everything engaged.

The front suspension uses bespoke MacPherson struts; at the back there’s a multi-arm arrangement. The pneumatic suspension varies the ride-height automatically, using cameras linked to the satnav to read the road anticipate changes in the surface.

Inside the Quartz, the centre console is trimmed in basalt and the individual bucket seats are upholstered in digitally-woven fabric. The weaving process means that each piece is made to exactly the right size and shape, cutting waste. The fabric itself is made from recycled water bottles.

Most of the minor controls are integrated into the steering wheel, while a large head-up display shows essential information.

The Peugeot Quartz is highly unlikely to make production, though elements of the powertrain and styling could well be seen in the next-generation 3008 crossover.

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Peugeot Quartz
Coupe lines and 2-meter width give Quartz a muscle-bound stance
Peugeot Quartz
Digitally-woven polyester upholstery made from recycled water bottles



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