Picture of the day: Nissan EXA

You’ve no doubt noticed the choice of new cars is ballooning. It’s a consequence of the car manufacturers trying to fill every single niche that exists in the market, and inventing a fair few that don’t – what purpose, exactly, does the BMW X4 serve?

But there’s one niche that isn’t being served at the moment, and could be due a comeback. Possibly. Actually, probably not.

The Nissan EXA was a completely unremarkable two-seater coupe based on the same chassis as the Sunny hatchback that was neither particularly sporty or fast. When the second generation came around in 1986, Nissan decided it needed something that would make the EXA stand out, something that no-one else had.

What they devised was a sort of modular back end. There were two modules to choose from, a normal notchback tailgate or an estate-like ‘canopy’. Both could be removed, leaving a big open hole which could then, uselessly, be covered back up with a canvas hood. If that wasn’t complicated enough, the EXA had a lift-out targa top, making a total of six different configurations.

It was all too much for the buying public who largely ignored the EXA. Apart from a small cult following, it’s now completely forgotten. But I wouldn’t put it past BMW or someone to revive the concept.

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