Where supercars go to die…

One careful owner. Never raced or rallied, etc...

The good old supercar. We’re used to seeing them in swanky surroundings, like Monaco or the car park of Marks and Spencer. Seeing them in a setting consisting of filth and automotive detritus would be wrong. That’s where Toyotas end up. Not TVRs.

Well, actually, they do. All cars expire at some point, and some do so in a grizzly, oily way, as you can see from these saddening pictures. Well, we say saddening, but you know you’re morbidly fascinated. It’s okay, we were too, as we walked around the yard of Douglas Valley Breakers in Wigan.

cars, scrap, crash, ferrari, supercar, italy, douglas valley
348 anyone? It’s a fixer-upper though

The reality is that these cars are worth big money when broken up, and whether its the owner or a specialist, they all come here for parts. Main dealers are incredibly pricey, so what may seem like a crazy price for scrap is actually a bargain in comparison.

ferrari, testarossa, cars, supercar, italy, salvage, scrap, crash
Yup, that is, or was, a Testarossa.

Then there’s the bent stuff. Nobody wants the smashed up alloy wheel of a Honda Civic, but they do want a bent Ferrari space saver. It could be the base of a lamp, or decoration in an office. The seats could become office chairs, the bonnet could go on the wall. One man even bought a heavily crashed F355 and had it crushed into a cube. He added a glass top and bingo, coffee table conversation piece.

porsche, scrap. crash, douglas valley, cars, supercar, wreck,
One careful owner. Never raced or rallied, etc…

It’s a sad state of affairs to see all these cars in a setting so juxtaposed from what you’d normally expect, but no car is immune to a potential accident, sadly. The rich paintwork covered in moss, the fine Italian leather soaked by the rain, the six-pot Brembo callipers now the foundation of a spider’s web, it’s all so eerie.

cars, lotus, scrap, crash, douglas valley, race, motoring
Well, that’s one way of changing a tyre

It’s all here. Everything that you had on your bedroom wall as a kid. Everything that you’ve lusted after in glossy car magazines. All the rare and beautiful exotica you can think of. The really annoying thing is not that they’re wrecked, it’s that they’re still bloody expensive!

porsche, lotus, ferrari, cars, crash, salvage, motoring, douglas valley,
Lotuses, Porsches, Ferraris, they’re all here…

The wealth of expensive metal has a strange effect on you as you walk around. In the real would, you might giggle like a schoolgirl at the sight of a TVR Chimera. Here though, you just walk past it because something else has caught your beady eye. Is that an R33 Skyline with no roof? Who cares, the Ferrari F355 that crashed on the Gumball is over there…

ferarri, crash, gumball, motoring, motorsport, salvage, douglas valley
Not much to look at, this F355 was binned on the Gumball years ago

If you need bits for your supercar, there’s no better place to go. Though be aware that you will go in for a wheel nut and end up spending three hours just looking around with your jaw on the floor. And you’ll probabl2KYXNUNy come home with a bent steering wheel from a Lotus because, well, why not?

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