Racers create Honda Civic Type R Tourer

Racing team Synchro Motorsport have created something rather wonderful: a Honda Civic Type R Tourer.

This isn’t just some bodykitted bodge job, either. The full drivetrain and running gear from the regular Type R hatchback has been transplanted into a 13-plate Tourer body. Just to remind you, the Type R has 2.0-litre turbo motor producing 306bhp and 295lb/ft of torque, does 0-62mph in 5.7secs and tops out at 167mph.

And let’s not forget the very trick front suspension and limited slip differential. Not only only is the fastest front-wheel-drive in a straight line, it’s the fastest one around the Nurburgring. Indeed, the handling reminded me of the Nissan GT-R.

The Tourer also wears the Type R’s front-end bodykit and appears to have its rear diffuser and quad exhaust set-up, adapted to fit.

We’re not entirely sure why Synchro built the Type R Tourer; we suspect simply because it could. The images here were taken at a recent outing at Snetterton. Synchro is based at the Civic factory in Swindon and staffed by volunteers; back in the early 2000s it ran Honda’s British Touring Car Championship effort. It’s currently preparing to run a race-prepped Civic Type R in next month’s Silverstone 24 Hours race.

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