Good riddance to redundant road signs

By Tim Barnes-Clay, Only Motors Car Review & Features Editor

Life is short, and it’s easy to lose perspective about what really matters, especially when mundane matters appear to deliberately hinder your otherwise decent day.

These irritants could be anything from HGVs overtaking each other (but never actually getting anywhere) to children screaming in supermarkets, and baffling, pointless traffic signage.

Road signs are what I’d like to focus on for now. Why? Well, in the United Kingdom we have way too many for a start. That’s probably just my crabby opinion. Or so I always thought. In reality it seems the Government has finally seen things my way – or more likely it needs to find a way to slash costs – so I’m over the moon to hear that lots of ineffective, inconsequential “road furniture” could be scrapped.

The move comes in the wake of the Government coming around to the fact that red tape has a stranglehold on the signing system – and as a result local councils are spending too much.

On top of slashing bonkers bureaucracy, there will be adjustments to the way travel has transformed over the last four decades. This is to make sure that motorists and cyclists are getting the right information at the correct time.

There will be new signs to draw drivers’ attention to parking spaces with charging points for electric cars, and local authorities will be able to show anticipated travel times on cycle routes to help riders in planning their journeys.

Anyway, if you’re really interested in finding out more, or maybe you just need some reading material to send you into a coma, then here’s the full review document, entitled “Signing the Way“.

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