This is the Rolls-Royce of 2116 – possibly

There’s clearly something potent in the water at Goodwood, where Rolls-Royce has crafted this insane-looking concept that envisions what the company may be producing 100 years from now.

It’s part of BMW’s Vision Next 100 series of concepts and carries the name Rolls-Royce 103EX.

With the front wheels housed in separate pontoons, Rolls-Royce likens the appearance of the 103EX to a catamaran – some wags have compared it to a praying mantis – but it’s really only a suggestion. It’s imagined that, by the 22nd century, manufacturing and materials technology will have developed to the point that it will be possible to mass produce one-offs, with each car built to the owner’s exact design. In other words, it would be a return to the highly personalised coachbuilding of Rolls’ vintage era.

Those part-concealed wheels, by the way, stand 28in tall and are made from 65 individual pieces.

Combustion engines are almost certain to have been banned by 2116, so the 103EX would be zero-emissions. But who knows what sort of powertrain technology will exist by then?

Equally, you probably won’t be allowed to drive by then, either. Rolls calls the operating system in the 103EX Eleanor and it not only drives the car, it knows every aspect of the owner’s life. It will arrive at the door when they need to leave and deliver them to where they need to be, using information harvested from whatever device such things are recorded on. A chip in the brain, probably.

Since there’s no need for pedals, a steering wheel or instruments, the interior is essentially a sumptuously-trimmed room, with a huge silk-upholstered sofa at the back and a massive OLED infotainment screen up front. A large section of the roof lifts up, ensuring dignified entry and exit, and bespoke luggage pops out through a door in the front wing.

The future will be very different, but far from boring, it seems.

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