Rolls-Royce road rage

We expect Rolls-Royce drivers to be classy, to be a cut above. Gentlemen (and ladies). The last you thing expect from them is road rage.

But when you sell 4,000-odd cars a year, some will inevitably fall into the hands of idiots. Idiots like this Russian Wraith driver.

The camera car is on the Wraith’s left side when both attempt to merge onto a multi-lane highway. There’s a lot of traffic, both moving and stationary, to negotiate and it’s all a bit messy.

Our driver does the best he can, but it seems Mr Angry in the Wraith isn’t happy, honking his horn and undertaking. Camera man seems like he just wants to be on his way and very nearly gets away as he heads for his exit.

But the Wraith cuts him off and stops. Then a big, burly, angry bloke gets out and storms towards our man. Then the picture cuts. Let’s hope he got away before anything nasty happened.

A classic case of Wraith rage (sorry, couldn’t resist)…

Video via Youtube/vladimirtv

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