Scuffs by Rimblades are here!

IT’S the scuff of nightmares.

Just the merest scrape of that gleaming alloy is enough to make you feel sick to the stomach.

High kerbs, careless driving, cavernous potholes… these and countless other perils are the enemies of alloy wheels, often the most attractive thing about many cars.

But Scuffs by RimBlades Ltd can now save you this headache.

Scuffs are an original wheel protection product, offering protection from minor curb scratches while maximising the style of your rims. 

Universal form fitting design conforms to most alloy rim styles. Scuffs come in a variety of colours to blend in or stand out and are easily applied without removing or deflating the tyre.

Just a simply DIY job and you can apply the rim protectors which bond onto your alloys, stopping any permanent damage to those precious alloys.

Now that’s wheely impressive.

Go and see for yourself at

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