Skoda Mountiaq is an apprentice project

The life of an apprentice is an endless stream of tea-making and being sent to find tartan paint, right? Not if you’re an apprentice at Skoda, where you get to create stuff like this bonkers Skoda Mountiaq pickup concept.

It started life as a Kodiaq Scout. The conversion from estate-like SUV into pickup was pretty involved. Once the rear section of the roof had been chopped off, a rear bulkhead was fabricated, the front doors shortened and a side panel grafted into the gap between doors and bulkhead.

The door window had to be modified to fit, while the side glass and rear window were made from scratch.

The tailgate was modified to hinge down from the bottom edge. The load bed is finished in chequerplate and has three underfloor storage compartments. The bodyshell needed reinforcing before any cuts were made and the rollbar adds a bit more stiffness.

17in Rockstar II wheels and knobbly off-road tyres raise the Mountiaq 10cm over the base car, giving a whole 29cm of ground clearance. The wheelarches have been pulled out to accommodate the tyres and the bumpers redesigned to match. A winch is built into the front bumper.

Elsewhere, there’s a socking-great LED light bar on the roof, a back-lit nose badge and under-bonnet lighting. There’s yet more LEDs inside, as well, including a light-up Skoda logo embedded in the roof lining. The seats are lavishly retrimmed in leather and the stereo is beefed up with a 2000w amplifier and subwoofer.

As student projects go, this is quite a good one.

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By Graham King

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