Video: Smashing your Ferrari Screen

We don’t know who Rob Ferretti is. What we do know is that he needs to adopt the ‘five Ps’ way of thinking, because perfect planning prevents poor performance. Ask your Dad, he’ll nod knowingly. It’s a surefire way to execute a project successfully. A project like, say, smashing your own screen. You’re own FERRARI screen, no less.

The reality is Rob had to replace some inexpensive vents. But vents are expensive to get at, because the screen has to come out. As it’s bonded in, it’ll probably break. So, why not have some YouTube fun by smashing it with a bat? We get it, Rob. The internet loves this kind of caper.

To be fair, Rob admits he could have done a viral prank like the McLaren, but decided against it. Furthermore, he explains all the reasons behind his video. He didn’t plan it well though. As you’ll see when you click play. No spoilers here.

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