Incredible high-speed Sprint smash

Sprint car crash

TALK about school of hard knocks.

This is a spectacular Sprint Car crash in Knoxville which saw both cars catapulted into the outer fence.

Alex Hill and Alan Zoutte (33) were battling for second and third place when Hill abruptly slowed down, which caused Zoutte to run into the back of her car and launch Zoutte completely out of the race track in turn one, ironically crashing through the Slideways sign on Slideways Karting Center Night.

Sprint car crash
Sprint car crash

Zoutte’s car ended up in the outer fence next to the sidewalk. The force of the crash nearly catapulted Zoutte onto Highway 14 where debris littered the road.

Local emergency services had to shut down 14 for a time to allow for the crash to be cleared. Zoutte somehow walked away from the crash and Hill suffered a bruised foot.

It’s actually the eighth time since the tall fences were completed in 1982 that a car flew over the wall.

We bet Zoutte had to sprint to get a chance of underpants.

Phil Lanning

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