A Suicidal BMW i8 paintjob

BMW i8 Suicide Squad

SO you spend £105k on a BMW i8. And then you ruin it with a dreadful paintjob.

This is an i8 dedicated to the film Suicide Squad.

It will certainly be financial suicide trying to sell this Beemer one day.

But hey I might just be old fashioned.

It’s the work of Rene Turrek and it’s impressively detailed. On top of the artistic paintjob is LED lighting that brings the car to life at night like some sort of moving nightclub.

The long bonnet has the portrait of the movie character Joker all over it and to create dramatic effect, the artist used mixture of shining black, white and green highlights.

BMW i8 with Suicide Squad paintjob
BMW i8 with Suicide Squad paintjob

The signature evilest laugh of the Joker forms the majority of the exterior and other elements like side panels while through a remote control, the LED fixtures can be turned on or off.

Turrek clearly a talented man and maybe this might start a trend in new car hues.

What about a Mini with Italian Job Michael Caine face on it?

Or even Hannibal Lecter on a Huracan – definitely a silence of the Lambos.

Maybe even Yoda on a Skoda.

What movie character paintjob would you go for?

Phil Lanning

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